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Win 8 – C:\Windows\System32\config is huge !

Hello all,

After a while of using windows 8 I have noticed that my 60GB SSD is filling up, even though all programs had like 29GB in total, including windows.

So I fired up WinDirStat to check what the fuck ! It loaded all the files and it told me what I known already, that I have 29GB used space on disk but 49GB is reported as used to windows. What, by a ninja invisible files ?

I turned on “Show Unknown” ( press F7 ) and holly zombie Jesus, one 18GB+ unknown file. After some time googling I found out that unknown file in WinDirStat is not one file but could be many.

Fired up second program SpaceSniffer, this one is confusing as fuck but I found that there is thousands ( 56,836 ) files in C:\Windows\System32\config


So I navigated there and seen just few files not much space being taken, but SpaceSniffer was swearing on his grandmother grave, telling me that they are there…

Ok google time again… hour later… to see the files:
Open file explorer ( that thing you look for porn on your disk ), click “view” and  in the top right corner you will see “options”, hit that.

Now switch to “View” tab and set it like on the picture bellow:

Show hidden files in win 8

Show hidden files in win 8

Hit “ok” and Lord behold like a damn magic the files are visible.

Most of them will be probably ending with .regtrans-ms and .BLF ( size abou 512KB)  mark them and remove them, we go by windows admin mantra “I have no idea what it is, so lets remove it and see what happen” 

Theory that goes around water cooler is that this is kind of jurnaling for registry, so something is writing a lot to windows registry. Prime suspect is ”NVIDIA Stereoscopic 3D Driver” so get rid of it ( from uninstall software ).

After this keep watch on that folder if the files are coming back or not, if yes there is still some program that is doing it and you need to look further which one it is.

Let me know in comments if you have more information regarding this awesome feature of windows, thanks, but for now my disk is 18GB lighter.

How to free more space from C:\ on windosw 8, will come in another short peace of wisdom soon…


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