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Video x264 rendering for youtube 2013

How to render video for Youtube with MeGui and x264 codec.

Hello all,

I was browsing net for a while to get the best conversion rate quality / size vice for youtube 720p videos. My internet is slow ass aDSL so I need small file size.

I have tried a lot of setting and programs, even one that cost over 700$ (Sorenson Squeeze which is shit btw..),so this is tutorial my work flow, no theoretical bullshit just how to:


Your source video is either direct output from capture software like Dxtory (my favourite) or Fraps. Or like me, you use some video editor to cut the video and add audio/voice-over.

Your source should be lossless (highest quality) as possible, FPS should not be changed from original through whole process so if you recorded 30FPS keep it at 30FPS all the time you re-encode. Do not up-scale your videos, like making 720p from 480p.

If you are using video editing software encode the result in lossless codec, for me Lagarith Lossless Codec is working quite well, set to this:

Lagarith Lossless Video Codec Setting

Lagarith Lossless Video Codec Setting

Make sure that you have codec the same version as your editing software so if you use eg.: Sony Vegas 64bit, install 64bit codec.

Get the codec here:


You need your audio separately, should be easy to render out from any video editing software. I use this settings to render it out:


Audio setting

Preparing to encode.

You will need:
MeGui –
Avisynth  –
x264 –

Install all of it, if you got in reading until here I don’t have to show you have to do that.

Fire up MeGui
Go to Tools > AVS Script Creator


This will open new window right in the first Input click on the “…” button and open your video.


Set the rest as follows ( you don’t want to resize your video )


Next tab “filters“set like this ( Set FPS to the source FPS ):


Your video might end up with washed up colours when rendering from Vegas, if so, add this to the end of the script: ConvertToYV12(matrix=”PC.709″) . You can hit Preview to see how it will affect the colours.


That is pretty much it here so hit “Save


Now to the fun staff, setting up the codec. Chose x264: *scratchpad* and hit Config:


I’m not going to explain what each setting do, but this one work best for me, if there is some “pro” who know what is he doing please post in comments better setting, thanks:






Save it as your preset so you don’t have to set it every time.

Now the part that will influence the size and quality is bitrate, for game I’m doing videos about ( Kerbal Space Program ) I can go down as 900 and it will be very watchable at 720p, but probably around 1800 is good point to start, try 3min video and encode with various bitrates and see the size/quality results.


Save it and add the encoding to queue, which will start the encoding of video, it may take some time very much depending on your CPU, for my Intel i7 its usually double the length of video.


Lets deal with audio now, you can queue it up while video is being encoded. Set the codec as follows:


My Config of LAME MP3 looks like this:


Than hit queue and let it encode the audio, it should go very fast.

Now I have video and audio file ready, what do I do now ?

Now you going to Mux it, fancy word for mixing it :D

In MeGui go to:


New window will pop out, chose your encoded video and encoded audio and add it to queue.


This should go also quite fast.

And the result is your video ready to upload. With this setting I was able to get almost halve size as with the others, downside might be higher encoding time for long videos…

Any updates or what could be done better put in comments, I would be very glad for that.


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