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Prism and new Xbox one

Hello everybody,

Project PRISM


I have red some interesting information lately about project PRISM, it just confirm a bit more the suspicion I had already. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, not at all, I actually understand why they do it, fuck I would do it my self if I could ( just kidding :) ).

So doing what you ask. Well check the video bellow and link to original source of the story. Basically its agreement with the various biggest Internet service providers to allow USA government to spy on its users, official story is thats only to spy on foreginers, well fuck me sideways, would you belive that statement ? seriously !?! Would you personally, if having this possibility, not use it on everybody ?

Link to The Washington Post story

PRISM allows to listen to Skype information, read your Google email ( Google does that anyway, its in user agreement to provide adds for you ) and so on, Microsoft was the first who joined PRISM.

After watching presentation on new Xbox one, and always ON Connect I have joked that it will watch you masturbating :) , well seems like I wasn’t that far from the truth. Ask your self, honestly, if you were government that is scared shittless that under every bad is a terrorist, wouldn’t you want to put camera and microphone to every living room ? Xbox one is always ON even when you turned it OFF and Microsoft is saying that it is listening only for one command, I don’t give fuck, the main point is that it is “listening” + you are required to have Internet connection, do you see where it might very easy go, providing that Microsoft is already signed for PRISM ?

I’m not saying that Xbox one will stream non stop feed from your living room and US gov. would watch it like twitch just with NSA/FBI logo on the top, but how about this scenario:

Echo come that in some place there are criminals / terrorists, ISP provides range of IPs from that area, MS sends signal to all connected Xbox one to activate remote control and Connect start listening to something else than just “Connect ON” and just for good measure take a picture of what it can see, and next time you log in it sends the info out in one burst ( which is much harder to detect ), you know you would do it if you were paranoid as much as US gov. is.

I’m not saying that PRISM and Xbox one are connected, but as in the whole of this article, I can’t stop asking my self. Wouldn’t you do it if it was that easy and we already been doing it for some time ?

Also another thing, what self respecting terrorist would buy Xbox One, they go for Playstation 4 :D just kidding lololololo.


Seriously what do you think about it ? ( leave a comment, I can’t actually read your mind [yet ! MUHAHAHAHA] )

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