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iPhone down the toilet !

Well as funny and unique this might seen it happens quite a lot !

I had my iPhone in breast pocket on my shirt, bend over toilet and the rest is well obvious…

I managed to get it out very quickly, but looked like it was too late… It completely submerged in water.

I quickly dried it with paper towels but no dice, it went blank with huge patch on screen.

After a hour or two I tried to turn it on but it was like it started think for it self… Skynet awaking…

iPhone start calling random people, starting applications etc… had to kill it before it took over world ( shut it down, shame you cant take out battery…. clever thinking from Apple, not ! )

Angry and sad from my loss, I went home from work, turned on youtube how to open iPhone  ( my is after warranty and explaining to apple genius people how it ended up in toilet was little too much ), found couple nice videos, taken knife from kitchen as no small screwdrivers at home… and opened that dead piece of metal.

Opened, cleaned, dried with hairdryer ( keep good distance not to damage ) putted back together and turned on….

And to my surprise….. it didn’t worked :D

Later that day I checked again, and world behold it was alive !… well OS looked busted :( so I tried to restore with iTunes…After couple tries Itunes decided that my iPhone is jail broken even though it wasn’t… I was broken about it though.

I put my brain dead iPhone to my box with half dead staff and went looking for new iPhone… new version is not yet sold here in Slovakia so I decided to wait, was time to use my work phone for something useful again :)

After 4 days I decided to have a second look, and this time it worked just fine… man ! Terminator could learn thing or two from this device… next time I try to drop it to molten metal and see how it does…

Update from iTunes OS and backup restored the rest, ugly wet patch is gone from screen, just few dots are left but they are almost invisible and they looks kind of cool like star dust on the side of screen…

All and all iPhone survived nicely, it just needed time to “reconfigure” and rebuild it self…

If you had some similar experience, share it with us in comments.



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