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Windows 8 screwing USB microphones

Hello all,

I have been using Windows 8 for some time and quite happily must say.

But why oh why they had to screw up USB microphones, I was reading whole day today how almost none of the more expensive mics are working under windows 8 properly.

Either recording is too quite or USB device driver wont install at all.. 

It is not fault of HW as mics work on the same setup under win 7, it is pure fuck up on Microsoft part, changing something how USB audio devices are recognized… 

Devices I tried:

AT2020 - recognized but driver wont install

The system cannot find the file specified

Blue Snowball – works, but very very quite recording, almost useless…

and this are 100+ Eur USB microphones and nobody will tell you that they don’t work with windows 8 

The advice you get from windows live ( MS support ) if you manage to log in as that damn retarded site doesn’t work in anything but IE ( which I uninstalled the moment I downloaded chrome and firefox )

Update drivers or bios — Already done that, no help
Run windows troubleshooting — don’t, just don’t that peace of shit software never ever in my life solved anything
Contact manufacturer — well this is generic USB audio driver, no driver needed ( well obviously for win 8 we do ), it worked fine in win XP,2000,7
I would love to see some comments if you got it work and how, especially AT2020,

EDIT: Well issue solved, I have downgraded back to windows 7, after finding that windows update database is corrupted and can’t be repaired ( trust me I have tried )it was the last straw…Better to wait fo another windows, as Microsoft have seems to release only good OS every second release 98 -> ME -> XP -> Vista -> 7 -> 8



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Jun 25, 2013
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Laurence Partan

I became excited when I saw the words “issue solved” but was deflated to see that only taking the Way-Back-Machine would help. 3 months have passed. 8.1 may arrive some day. Maybe it might resolve this? Wait for 9, you say?

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Jun 25, 2013
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Unfortunately there is no real solution to this, except go back to win 7, I’m not happy about it but it works… I literally tried everything possible, but the issue is with Microsoft USB audio drivers and its so low on priority list for them that it might not get fixed in 8.1, I’m surly not reinstalling to 8.1 until its fixed for sure.

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Apr 19, 2015
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Same problem exists in Windows 10 Technical Preview. According to Audio Technica who have contacted MS regarding the issue for several weeks – Turns out, Microsoft told them that they can’t solve the problem with a simple update patch. The USB audio drivers are hard-coded in Windows 8 and 10 in such a way that it can’t be changed. A complete re-write of the OS would have to be done to fix it. And since Windows 10 isn’t a complete re-write (it is essential Windows 8.1 underneath, with UI changes), you’ll have to wait for Windows 11.

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